Lusty Glaze Wedding Film – Kathryn & Luke

In my work as a wedding videographer I have the privilege of being able to travel the length and breadth of the country, discovering new places and meeting new people. There are some places you travel to that literally take your breath away. This place was one of them. Set in a private cove off the Cornish coast lies the spectacular, Lusty Glaze. This stunning private stretch of golden sand made for a perfect backdrop to Kathryn & Luke’s wedding. Having known Kathryn from uni I was really excited when she asked me to film her special day.

The day before I packed the van and headed for the south west coast, coffee in hand and open road ahead of me, all was well with the world. That is of course a reality I am yet to discover as on this occasion, the well oiled machine that we know and despise being British roadworks (or at least cones) lay waste to my plan of arriving at the hotel within the admittedly over-optimistic time-frame of 4hrs 30. 6 3/4 agonising, butt-numbing, foot-cramping, wishing-I-had-cruise-control hours later I arrived at the hotel check-in desk, no doubt looking like one of the burglars from Home-Alone after one of Kevin’s dastardly deeds. Disheveled and in need of coffee (you’re probably witnessing a pattern) I stumbled to my room to check the kit for the next day. And probably sleep.

The Steps!

Following a short drive from my hotel I arrived at Lusty Glaze. A postcard setting, a vast expanse of sea upon the horizon, the sun beating down – I knew that today was going to be a good day. The first thing I usually like to do when I’m filming a wedding is fly my drone to get some beautiful establishing shots of the venue. Having trained to fly drones commercially and having a CAA permission to do so (not that I’m bragging) I always like to fly when the risk level is low – mornings are ideal as there are less people to ask you questions such as: “have you flown near Heathrow recently?” “Have you ever dropped anything off at a prison?” “I have one, may I fly yours” – I digress but you get the picture – flying when it’s quiet almost adds a certain dynamic to the story. The stunning vantage point that a drone gives you, entices you, the viewer, into where this wedding is set to take place. This stunning location you could say is one of the characters in this story, and what better way to show it off than from 200ft!

I got my drone out of the van headed for the beach. But what are these? And why do they go on for so long? Yep. Steps. Not the cheesy 90s band but actual steps, literally hundreds of them down to the beach. Anyone who knows me will know I am about as fit as a pregnant hippopotamus who has just had a round of general anesthetic. What lied before me wasn’t a mere set of concrete blocks which I ought to know how to master as a 29yr old semi-normal human being, this was going to be torture. My misery quickly subsided however as I remembered I wasn’t a band member, nor was I a drummer or a sound technician for whom their kit would weigh probably more than me. My few bags were mere pocket fodder in comparative terms to some. More on that later. I headed down to the beach, breathing loudly and incessantly like a mother giving birth to quadruplets. And I hadn’t even got half-way yet. The pain, I said, would be worth it. Your creaking knees, I told myself, will thank you when you reach this breathtaking piece of land. Just imagine what incredible drone footage awaits. I wasn’t disappointed. Yes it hurt. Yes I probably still hurt now and will no doubt hurt for a long time yet but what a place.

Bridal Prep

One of my favourite parts of the day to film has to be bridal prep. There is something quite special about capturing moments in the lead-up to a wedding. The excited anticipation of what is to come is encapsulated in the hustle and bustle of a bridal suite. Prosecco is usually flowing, music on – everyone is lounging around in personalised dressing gowns, what more fun could you ask for. I entered the hive of activity that day to Kathryn already part way through her make-up, time for a quick set up so I didn’t miss anything. The beautiful beach-hut that hosted us that morning was filled with lots of natural light (top tip – aim to sit near the window for make-up – natural light is your videographer/photographer’s best friend!) – The girls from Studio 13 (make-up) and The Hair Shop were busy making all the bridesmaids look even more beautiful (flattery gets you nowhere apparently!) I’m continually amazed by how much stuff make-up artists bring in their incredibly organised flight-cases! I know for a fact if I was carrying that many brushes and lashes I would lose them all!

It was at this point that I met Tom of Tom Robinson Photography. A genuinely lovely guy who was immaculately dressed, even on a day when it was nearing 30+ degrees, Tom donned the woolen tweed. What a hero. I absolutely love working with photographers because as a photographer myself, I love nothing more than nerding out about lenses. Plus I love the ability to work together creatively to capture stunning-ness (new word!) – I always like to say a quick hello to photographers before the wedding – just to introduce myself and say hi. Near the end of bridal prep we were able to get some beautiful footage of Kathryn in the room on her own, seeing her dad and taking it all in before she walks down the aisle. I love moments like this.

To be continued…probably after coffee!